There are two people named Demetri Mouratis

Actually, there are several more than two.

This happens because of a Greek tradition of naming your first-born son after his paternal Grandfather. My Grandfather Demetri had five boys, and so each of their first-born sons are named Demetri. Luckily the tradition specifies that the middle name be the Father's name, so we all have different middle names.

Still, the problem is not insignificant. Two of us are Unix Systems Administrators, and Google isn't very discriminating.

Here is a handy reference:

Demetri S. Mouratis (me) Demetri J. Mouratis (not me)
Occupation Unix Sysadmin Unix Sysadmin

Used to make lawyer jokes

Used to be a lawyer

Employers The Northern Trust Company Nuasis
Wolfram Research
Higher Ed. B.S. Mathematics and Computer Science, Beloit College B.S. Mathematics, Univerity of Illinois Champagne-Urbana
Law Degree
High School ACS, Athens, Greece Elmhurst, IL
Music Pink Floyd G. Love & Special Sauce
Bedroom DJ Spins trance/house/progressive Spins hip-hop (See? We're completly different)
Other Interests 12 Monkeys FAQ